Interior Renovations

True to our name, let us bring new vision to your home.

Beginning with your ideas and needs coupled with our craftsmanship, attention to detail and professional execution, we design a custom space in your place.

Our process is simple – we build on your ideas. We ask questions specifically designed to get you thinking about what you really want out of your renovation. In answering these questions, together we will uncover ideas, features, aspects and elements to incorporate into your renovation.

For instance, take a moment now to envision yourself and your family and friends in the rooms, areas, spaces you plan to renovate.

  • What is the room used for?
  • What types of things do you typically do in that part of your home?
  • What are you planning to do in the room once it’s renovated?
  • How will the room be used?

Don’t limit the true potential of your home; we will design and craft what you see as your dream home. No idea is too insignificant. In the design and planning phase, our discussions and meetings will occur as frequently as necessary to ensure that we, as your contractor, and you, as the homeowners, are on the same page. Our goal is to develop a design strategy with a deliberate intention, true to your vision, and deliver an end result that accomplishes what you need and want out of your renovation – on time and budget!

Does your home have a basement? Is it dreary and dark? Or maybe the space is just in need of some minor renovations? Let us redesign wasted space in your basement into an open and inviting space – for relaxation, entertaining, and watching the big game or the latest flick. Your basement can be a multi-functional area with a bar, living room area, play room for kids, workout room and even a home theater. The possibilities are endless!

When was the last time your family room was updated? More often than not, a family room is a significant place in the home, as it is a primary space which is multi-functional. A room for both casual relaxing as well as entertaining fun, a family room should be customized to embody your style and personality in its décor and style and serve your needs. True Vision Remodeling can transform your living room into a place that fits seamlessly into your home – whether that includes a stunning stone wall surrounding a large fireplace. Or perhaps you envision a large media system with custom built-in floor to ceiling shelves and cabinets on each side.
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Have a home business? Or maybe you just need a space in your home to organize your computer, bills, the kids’ homework and other miscellaneous “stuff”. We can turn any room into an office work space that is sure to help keep you and your family organized. Add built-ins like desks and shelving or even turn a wall or two into your own home library.

Think theater rooms are only for luxury mansions? Not anymore! We can create a home theater room, in your budget, for you and your family to enjoy. From the comfort of your own home, watch the latest flick or binge on your favorite television series with surround sound and theater seating.
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